Bystock Reservoir Energies

Working with crystals, tarot and pastels, we had a friend from the other side join us.  I had even subconsciously made a space in our circle for our guest to sit!





With the pastels Rachel, Kirsty and myself all drew eyes and had the vision or feeling of the same person.  Wonder who she is?

My thoughts and feelings…….

Bystock, a place for feeling free, where someone friendly encourages me, to see, to feel, to just be, with nature, the mother, our mother, I feel her here, she holds me and takes care of me, I feel her warmth, her nurturing touch.  But theres something else, someone else, it feeds on others feeling and fears, amplifies them throws them back, make you feel them, it’s dark it’s light!


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One thought on “Bystock Reservoir Energies”

  1. Having spent some time up at Bystock lately I am struck with just how peaceful the place is with the sound of streams, birds etc but there is an under-currant in places. I find it has similarities with Woodbury castle especially with the raised banks and it feels as though a lot has gone on there in the past.
    The most bizarre incidents I get are that it feels as though something is grabbing my leg, this has happened on the last 2 visits, what it means at the moment I am unsure of.

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