Berry Pomeroy

Berry Pomeroy is a Castle ruin just outside of Totnes in Devon.  This place is full of strange energies.


Going around the castle and ground you always felt like you were being watched!


Just out side this area you can over look the mound the castle is built on.  This little story is going to sound strange but no word of a lie.  Rachel and I went to this area separately, myself first then I moved into the area pictured above and Rachel went around there.  I was heading back to meet her when I had a vision of her trying to throw herself over the edge.  Told myself not to be stupid and just go find her.  When I did Rachel turned to me and said ” this is going to sound strange but I really had to stop myself going over the edge like something was encouraging me to”.  The chills that came over me I can’t explain.  Was a little spooked!

069cRachel and I both felt a stabbing pain in our side in this area, as well as feeling very sick.


This room in the lower part on a turret felt very warm.

Also whilst at the castle, Rachel was taking a panoramic photo and I had something hold me around the arm.  Just after that Rachel went to take a photo of just me in the same area and the camera brought up two focus zones as if there where two people there!

As soon as you enter the through the gate house into the ground the temperature changes dramatically, really cool, as in shivering cold. Brrr!

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