How to protect yourself and your home


Many people see and feel negative and dark energies in their home and  feel that they are being psychically  attacked, there are a number of things that you can do to protect yourself from this. Although it is good to feel different energies some can be distructful if we are not careful.

Smudge sticks: These can be used to cleanse people or your surroundings, simply light the end and let it smoulder whilst you walk around, this will cleanse and remove negative energies. It is good practice to do this regularly. Smudge sticks are also good to use on your crystals.

Black tourmaline: This is an excellent stone for protection, place it in a particular area or keep it on yourself (natural  tourmaline is preferred compared to the polished)


Danburite: Use white light from this angelic protective stone, imagine it surrounding you and your home. You can also use this stone to bring in angels. This is a good stone to keep with you.

Sea salt: Place this along the perimeters of the room you wish to cleanse, leave it over night to absorb any unwanted energies then clear it up in the morning.

Halite/Salt rock candle holders: These candle holders are an excellent way to keep rooms cleansed and they will also purify the air.

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