What are your colour characteristics?

Lets see if any of these sound like you?

There are a few ways of doing this, you can either look up your …

Favourite colour – if your like me and have many now you are older then think back to when you were little and what your favourite colour was then.

The colour you are drawn to!

Your birth number can also sometimes work for this.

To work out your birth number you need to add up the numbers in your birth date for example mine is 15th September 1980 (1+5+0+9+1+9+8+0= 33)  I need to make this a single figured number so I now add the 33 (3+3=6)  My birth number is 6



Tend to be Full of energy, Creative, Love Life, Out-going, Head-strong, Strong and active, Impatient, Easily wound up, Bad tempered, Like to get thing done.

Colour to balance you Blue


Tend to be Lively, Out-going, Practical, Very Cheerful, Joyous, Make good designers

Colour to balance you Indigo


Tend to be Bright, Lively, Good communicators, Good brain, Logical, be a bit Scientific.

Colour to balance you Violet


Tend to be people that like Balance and Harmony in their lives, animals and being close to nature, Deliberate on everything, Over cautious, Insecure.  Emotional as green relates to the heart. Healers.  Hate crowds.

Colour to balance you Rose pink



Tend to be Soft and Gentle, Introvert ( happy with own company), Peaceful, Like harmony. Intellectual, Good judge of characters, Decision makers, Caring,

Colour to balance you Yellow



Tend to be Like blue, strongly intellectual, in touch with their intuition and higher self, love music, harmony, loyal, truthful.  Like to help others.

Colour to balance Orange



Tend to be Highly spiritual and intuitive, can be sensitive, Healers, Artistic, being with like minded people.

Colour to balance Yellow


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