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Have you ever created your own altar!  It can be incredibly powerful.

Create a space that you can place objects that mean something to you.  You could use this space then to meditate and help to achieve a state of peacefulness.  In this busy world it is very important to find time to be still. xxx


New season, to bring warmth, love, light and spirit.

Let the sun warm our souls, bringing us love and light.

Allow the light to lift our spirits to enjoy the season, to love the outdoors, and time with our friends and family.


You are welcome to post your Alters  here too…

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One thought on “Altar”

  1. I am missing my altar, as we had to take it down whilst decorating. But now I am getting ready to rebuild it. But as it is winter needs to be wintery without the xmas element. Ideas would be gratefully received. 🙂

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