About Sarah

I’m Sarah the founder of Feeling Energies.
I have had experiences with energies since the age of 7. Seen, felt and heard.
Feeling is the one I enjoy the most,   being out in the countryside, specifically the woods or forest.  With mother nature herself.  Taking a moment just to breath in the air and to feel the breeze moving past you, I don’t even mind the rain!
Crystals are another one of my passions, feeling the energies from them is amazing.  They can help us with so much, it’s just finding the ones that work for you and learning how to use them.
Being creative is one of my hobbies, whether painting, sculpting, writing I enjoy them all.  It lets you subconscious do the talking.  Helping us to understand where we are and how we are truly feeling.  Not what we show to the world!
I am very much in the line of healing work, showing people how to help themselves and giving them a helping hand. Through Crystal healing, Colour therapy, Meditation, which I am all trained in.  I am also able to read chakras, which I find really interesting.  Everyone is so different.
All this has made me want to find out more, play more, explore and experience more.
One of my firm beliefs is that nature has catered for everyone and everything.  So there has to be a reason for feeling these things.
Some maybe lessons, messages, healing who knows!  But I would like to try and find out!
I am also sure there are other people out there that have the same questions/feelings.
Hence the start of this website, which I would like to grow the more we discover.
Hope you can join in on this adventure……..


Finally I would like this site to become a hub for people with the skills for helping others.  Please contact me if you would like your details added.



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3 thoughts on “About Sarah”

  1. I had spiritual healing done the other week. What an amazing experience, I felt and looked fantastic afterwards. Would definitely recommend it.

  2. I spent most of Monday in Prajna with my good friend Kevin playing with Crystals. I was a very uplifting and insightful experience. I just might need to invest in a few more.

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