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The home of everything to do with feeling energies.

Some of us feel energies, some don’t and some don’t realise they do.

We believe there are reasons why we can feel these energies, whether they are lessons, messages, healing or something else.

We want to find out more, so here you will find lots of different topics to look at but with the same theme.

Please feel free to add to anything you see on this site, we would like these pages to be made up of personal experiences rather than what we have read in books.

We will be constantly updating the site with interesting experiences and places we have visited that we would like to share with you.

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13 thoughts on “Home”

    1. Well I sense spirits around me, and sometimes hear them. Also natural energies like the leylines I get a natural high from!

  1. Interesting experience the other night, used my pendulum to ask if my granddad was def with me, got yes answer then asked about my gran got yes again. I asked if gran could hit wood twice to confirm, nothing happened so I thought it might have been too much. So ask to swing the pendulum instead which did happen. A short time later there was a massive bang on the bathroom door and it banged once again on the wall. my door is wood!

  2. Good Morning All, Its the start of a fantastic week I can feel it. Lets see if we can get some stories on our site. Please let us know of your experiences of feeling energies?

  3. I have started to meditate using the vortex mediation, which I am finding very good for opening chakras and clearing blockages. But what I have found interesting is that the root and sacral vortexes spun anticlockwise and from the solar plexus the vortex spins clockwise!

  4. Special Tree: I have an acer in my front garden, which has always been special to me. I took a photo of my friend under it and I said I think she should put in writing what she is looking for in a man. Well we went through what she wanted whilst sitting under the tree, and hadn’t yet hung any message on it. Well she joined a dating site that day and now she has met a man that fits exactly what she wished for under my tree.

  5. Studying Yoga. The joy of movement. We take moving for granted, it is only when we have a problem that we think more about looking after ourselves better.

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